Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where we play (inside play environment)

 This is our indoor play area. We keep everything organized into bins on shelves to avoid toy chaos. I would love to have it set up the Reggio way but that doesn't always work for everyone. They have access to the toys at all times and are easily seen through the clear bins they are in though. I will do a post later about our outdoor play area, It is really cold out today! brr!!

We turned the living room into a play area. We have a lot of fun, textured and fuzzy rugs!

Graham and Parker, playing with wooden nesting blocks and jumbo  farm & safari animals.

we have a lot of cool rugs, they love sitting on rugs of different types! 

Graham and Parker helped me remodel the play area recently, they are sitting in front of their Waldorf playstand

little play houses and barn. The various toy boxes around the room have random toys and stuffed animals in them.
We have all of the toy boxes from Haley, Cameron, and Mackenna's younger years placed around the room. (five of them) in all. Some are in their room. Some are in the play area.

Ikea blimp pendant light, lava lamp, black lights (stuff we have had for a long time!) I added a little shelf for beads , pom poms, and bells that are in jars on the shelf. Disco light is not on right now(as you see)  ;)
table and larger light table

many of our toy/block sets/ activities. Inside sponge box box is bristle blocks

many of our toy sets/activities

the best way we could find to organize our books

light bright, puzzles, bug jenga, wok n roll, melissa & doug bricks,  on top is our  water bead bin and under it is a large United States puzzle we keep the puzzles stacked. Eventually I might get a puzzle rack.

inside left view of Waldorf playstand. Smaller light table on floor

inside right view of Waldorf playstand, some of the toys being played with at the moment, everyone loves the funky, fuzzy, purple rug. One of our friends helped to pick it out! It reminds me of the monsters from Monsters Inc,. 

at night!  (I don't have the disco light on though)