Friday, February 24, 2012

Bob the Builder & Magna Tiles

We checked out the new Bob the Builder exhibit at the Orlando Science Center! We visit the Orlando Science Center pretty often, they have a lot of great stuff to see and play with!

kisses for Bob

checking him out




they replaced the awesome black and white floor with this... meh

I miss the black and white floor. green and brown does nothing for me.
how many can he carry?!?  ;)

the onions, carrots, and potatoes felt almost real!!



They replaced the bicycle with a tractor

go John Deere go!


giddy up kitty!


plant a flower

water it!

Wendy's camper


it made real saw noises!

he expected water to come out of the sink

they had drafting table light tables

Hey look!!  They have light tables too.... just like we have at home!

it made cool noises!

room with a view

taking a ride

big puzzle, cooool!

build a wall

sound machine

build a wall

magnetic wall with magnetic boulders

slide v2.0 
water machine....  the balls are "water"

turn the spigot and out come the balls to fill the bucket

take the bucket to the back and put the balls into the hole that takes it through a windy tube


look it blows my hair!



a circular building with magna tiles

a circular building with magna tiles

inside the circular building with magna tiles

inside view 

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