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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Indoor Play and Learn Environment update 2/2/13

Here is an update to Graham and Parker's Reggio Inspired indoor play and learn environment. This is their bedroom/play room/home school room. We also do playing and homeschooling in their outdoor play environment I moved the big clothing dresser out to the hall way and stacked our sensory bins on top of it. I expanded the block area and moved a few things around. I changed the way I was displaying their "loose parts" for block play. I moved the big cardboard blocks to another spot, they are now in the spot that stored their little play houses for their animal figurines and action figures. That spot is behind our overhead projector curtain. There is a nice ledge there that provides the perfect spot for them. They are very easily accessed. I have to what I can with the space I am working with. It works! I am really happy with the way it is set up now, and most importantly Graham and Parker LOVE IT! I also changed the container that I display their smallest light table manipulatives in. I did not like them being in the bead storage box that they were in. They were kind of hard to get out of that box. I now have them in a new box that is perfect for them. It is in the pics below!!  I plan to get a second one for the rest of the light table manipulatives that are on the big white shelving. The larger light table manipulatives are in the hanging pocket organizer that hangs from the front of their light table. I may eventually eliminate that and just get another one of the bins for them too. It works for now though!

If anyone has questions on what is what and where to get it, just leave a comment or email me.

See our last updates:
Outdoor Play and Learn Environment update 1/18/13

Our overhead projector screen is a lil ghetto-fab but we love it. It's a white blanket and a white shower curtain. Behind the shower curtain is a ledge that used to hold their little action gifure play houses but now we have the large cardboard building blocks there.  The curtain slides over easily to access the blocks.

divider to separate their room from the living room

View of block area over there in the corner, as you can see
I utilize every inch of space in the best possible way that I can

toy kitchen, shelving with art and learning supplies

another view

more shelving with learning toys, table, and light table

easel, playstand, mirror table, overhead projector

playstand, overhead projector, reading pillows, games shelf

magnet board, book shelf, car toy box, sensory bins, and dresser in hall

another view

mirror table, see how to make it HERE

light table and mirrors. The large one in the middle is a breakable mirror. It was my mirror as a kid. My Dad  bought me the mirror when I was preteen age. It has survived a move from PA to FL and moves within FL. yay!
Learn about Light Tables HERE

some color paddles on the overhead projector

book and magnet area view 1

book and magnet area view 2


diy light box, see how to make it HERE

art/craft supply center

more art/craft supplies and some educational manipulatives

window blocks, playdough and supplies, bendaroos, veterinarian bags

block area

block shelf

another view of block area.. zebra green duct tape on the wood because the wood kept drifting. It is there to be a nice solid building spot, as is the one next to it with the mirror in front of it.

building board and mirror and block accessories

loose parts center in the block play area view 1

loose parts center in the block play area view 2

loose parts center in the block play area view 3

Waldorf rocker boards

our rainbow window. when the sunlight shines through at certain times of day, we get casts of color all over the room, its awesome!!! You can often see a few colors on someone who is sitting in the path of the color reflection. That can be quite amusing!! I am know to giggle at someone who has a few colors cast on them!  LOL
You can find out how to make the rainbows HERE, the birds are translucent KLISTRIG placemats from IKEA

closer view of rainbow window


drawer divider boxes with their action figures and animal figurines in them. (under light table)

light table manipulatives, the storage pouch thingy is KUSINER from IKEA

sensory bottles I have made them

a gift a friend bought me on my 30th birthday. This room used to be the living room, so I left it there. ;)

light table manipulatives

light table manipulatives


  1. What an inspiring environment, it is a credit to you and your team, if you have one! Every child deserves a learning creative space like that, well done

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