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Monday, June 23, 2014

Awesome Summer Fun Products

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My twins and I had the pleasure of trying out some really amazing products!  We tried out the Zoku duo quick pop maker, A Go Green lunch box set, a set of Easy Lunchboxes, Ayala's herbal still and sparkling waters and teas, and Hint still and sparkling waters!

So you might ask... What the heck do these products have to do with summer or an awesome summer for that matter?!?

Well, I will tell you.  ;)

1. an easier life
2. excellent refreshment that is healthy and sugar free
3. convenience
4. creative and fun food
5. brownie points for Mom!

I will start off with the Easy LunchBoxes from
They are durable, bento style lunch boxes that have far more purpose than being packed in your kids lunch box during the school year.  They make an amazing go to lunch for Moms who homeschool. I have very busy days.  I do not always have time to prepare a lunch and ordering in or getting fast food is not always a great or affordable option. I can make up lunches in the Easy LunchBoxes and they are ready to roll the next day of homeschool.  I don't have to figure out what to make or wait for something to cook, it is all done! They also make an excellent way to pack for a family picnic, trip to the zoo, trip to the beach,  trip to a theme park, trip to the science center, or even to have lunch at the playground!  The lunch bags can fit two of the boxes in them, plus a freezer ice pack. They are very easy to wash and the lips snap on tight as well as come open easily when you go to open them.  I really love the size of the compartments, you feel like you are getting enough food in there for an older kid or teen too!  I give these boxes an A++

Next up is the Zoku quick pop maker from
These things are so cool! They come in single, double, and triple pop makers.  We tried out the double. You simply freeze the pop maker for 24 hours, then pour in some juice, koolaid, yogurt, pudding, or flavored water and in 7 minutes you have popsicles!! You can make fancy ones or simple ones and what I love about it is that it is transportable!!   You could take it outside with you and serve the pops right there in the yard! They have many other amazing slushie and pop making products on their website as well!!

Next is the Go Green Lunch Box from This box is the ultimate perfect snack container in my opinion!  Not only is it an awesome bento style lunch box, it has 5 compartments of different sizes and a dial on top that is a locking system that helps lock in freshness.  This is another box that would be excellent for homeschooling Moms to get their homeschoolers lunches ready for the next day! The reason I love this box so much though is because I found it to be the perfect snack container.  You can pack an entire days snacks in this and use it for your day of homeschool! That way your day is not interrupted by the need to fix a snack for everyone.  You just load up the Go Green lunchbox with six different snacks and it is set for the day! It would also be great for a family picnic, trip to the zoo, trip to the beach,  trip to a theme park, trip to the science center, or even to have lunch at the playground. I would use it for either a bento style lunch box or remove the drinking bottle and make it up as a snack box for the entire family for the day.

raise your hand......

Ok who has a family member or kid that hates water or tries to avoid it?

I sure do!  Especially when they are younger. They look at you like you are giving them a cup of mud or something, They act like it is a chore to drink a glass of water.

This is why I love both Hint water and Ayala's herbal water. They have no sugar or additives, they taste great, they are very refreshing, and they are interesting.

Kids find them to be more of a prize than a chore to drink. 

I love the way Ayala's herbal waters, sparkling waters, and teas taste. taste.  Personally my favorite is the cloves, cardamom, cinnamon. It has an amazing flavor and is so unique. It is not only refreshing but rather relaxing too. Honestly I like them at both cold and at room temperature. They are very appealing to my kids in the way that they are very exotic with their flavor blends. They have interesting and exciting flavor blends like lemongrass mint vanilla, ginger lemon peel, cinnamon orange peel,  and lavender mint. Their still water flavors come in sparkling as well and the sparkling waters taste best cold. They have such lovely bottles too that cab be cleaned out and re-used for a pretty sensory bottle! I sometimes will fill my kids kleen kanteen with one of these waters. I never hear the complaint "uggggggh it's water in my kleen kanteen". I love their tea blends too. My favorite is peppermint, melissa, spearmint.  How darn fancy does that sound!!!  They also have chamomille, bergamot, vanilla and nutmeg cacao cardamom, as well as rooibos, cinnamon, rose petal. They are all very yummy!!  I prefer the teas cold though.  Ya know,  There is something awesome about saying what you're having for lunch when you you add in the name of an Ayala's herbal water.  It makes it sound more exotic and exciting.  When  your kid is at school in the cafeteria or at the playground of your local park and another kid asks them "hey what do you haves in your lunch today"  It goes from a PB&J and some carrot sticks to "a Peanut butter and Jelly on break, some carrot wedges, and a lovely ginger lemon peel water".  It makes even PB&J sound like it is part of a gourmet lunch!  haha  I love it!!   Can you imagine the neighbor kids eyes when they ask their Mom for a cup of water on a hot day and your kid says to you, or better yet asks their Mom "May  I have a glass of cinnamon orange peel water please?"

Check out their amazing flavors at

I also love the way Hint water tastes. These waters are so unique in the way the flavors are not overpowering but you can still taste enough flavor for it to be a flavored water. Hint tastes great cold or room temperature and they have super cool flavors too!!  Mostly, Hint waters come in one flavor blends. They have blackberry, watermelon, blood orange, crisp apple, pomegranate, peach, raspberry, honeydew, pear, cucumber, lime, and peppermint. Plus they have 2 two flavor blends strawberry-kiwi and  mango-grapefruit.  YUM!  They smell great, they taste great, they are refreshing, and kids love them  They are way more interesting than plain water and a great treat on a hot summer day. They go great in a lunch box or anywhere. They are much healthier than the water flavor packets you can buy to flavor your water or make water more exciting. They are just really good waters!! They also have great bottles that can be washed out and re-used for making sensory bottles! Hint would be great for a playdate or family gathering.  It's a nice step away from plain ole water.  Not to say that there is anything wrong with plain water, but having an alternative to plain water that has no sugar, fake sugar, or yucky chemicals is great!

Check out Hint's still and sparkling fizz waters at

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